Three families of Hymenoptera new to New Zealand

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1983
Authors:E. W. Valentine
Secondary Authors:A. K. Walker
Journal:New Zealand EntomologistNew Zealand Entomologist
Start Page:397

Representatives of 3 previously unrecorded families of Hymenoptera have recently been found in New Zealand. Pleistodontes imperialis Saunders (Chalcidoidea: Agaonidae) which is a "fig wasp" in the fruits of Ficus rubiginosa Desfontaines, originates from
Australia. Two species of Embolemidae (Bethyloidea), collected from litter, Malaise traps, and "under stones", appear to be endemic. Ephutomorpha bivulnerata (Andre), (Scolioidea: Mutillidae), an Australian species, is the only member of the superfamily
Scolioidea established in New Zealand. Its host, as yet undiscovered, may prove to be a ground-nesting colletid bee.

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